Uncle And Aunt Were Not Invited To An Event For Carrie Fisher, According to Billie Lourd: “They Know The Reason”

Billie Lourd

Billie Lourd has been making a point of not including her relatives in her mother Carrie Fisher’s induction into the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Wednesday afternoon, Lourd released a statement as a reply to Joely Fisher, her aunt’s statement on social media that her brothers will not be attending to celebrate their sister’s special moment of her career, because of some issues for which their niece had decided not to invite them. She even mentioned that the issue was rather “bizarre.” Todd Fisher also made a statement as to how shocked and heartbroken he left for having intentionally been left out from celebrating his sister’s legacy.

Billie Lourd Displeased With The Way Her Relatives Dealt With Her Mother’s Death

On Thursday in Los Angeles, Billie Lourd accepted the posthumous award on her mother’s behalf and stated that she would have to address the issue in the public sphere since she had been attacked publicly. Adding that she had not invited them to the ceremony for a reason known very well to them. Days after Billie Lourd’s mother passed away, her uncle and aunt expressed their grief in the public eye and chose to profit from the incident by actively participating in multiple appearances and peddling expensive books about both her mother’s and grandmother’s deaths, continued. Adding that she only found out about it via media.

The truth of Billie Lourd’s mother’s incredibly problematic bond with her home was known only to her and those who were truly close to Carrie Fisher, the “Ticket To Paradise” actress alleged, adding that her uncle and aunt never even consulted her or spoke about how it may affect their relationship. Although she acknowledged that whatever they had done was well within their rights but the actions did a lot of damage to her during one of her toughest times.

Carrie passed away in December 2016 at the age of 60, and Debbie Reynolds, who was also an actress, passed away one day later from a stroke.