Law Roach Defensive Over Actress Zendaya

law roach

Rumors have been floating around Law Roach might be in a troubling period with actress Zendaya. He has been the hairstylist for Zendaya for years. Recently they have been misjudged by the fans over a video. The incident took place at the Paris fashion week. Many strongly believe the “argument” was the reason behind Roach’s retiring from the industry. He spoke about everything in his tweets.

 There Is No Tension Between Law Roach And Zendaya

After the rumor caught Roach’s attention he did clear the air. He did mention he and Zendaya are going strong. She is like a sister and always will be. A video of them went viral during Paris fashion week. Zendaya and Law Roach both were present at the Louis Vuttion walk. Law Roach came late than Zendaya. He approached Zendaya probably about the seat and she pointed to the second row. Many think maybe it was humiliating on Law Roach’s part.

Roach declared the love between her and Zendaya as real love. Not fake industry love he is showing. To strengthen his perspective towards Zendaya and all the rumor, he posted a photo. The color purple movie’s moment where two sisters make promises to each other. He captioned with “ me and Zendaya”.

He clarified everything and cleared the air just after announcing her retirement. Law Roach has worked with Hailee Steinfeld, Megan Thee Stallion, and Issa Rae. He announced his retirement on Instagram. He took a moment to convey his gratefulness to everyone who supported him in every way. Hairstyling says a lot about someone’s personality. Many famous people trusted them with Law Roach.

Roach perhaps left the fashion industry because of politics, lies, and false narratives. They got the best of him. He has given up. He could have stayed if things were only about styling or clothes. He has styled many red carpet and oscar’s stunning outfits for artists.