Lea Michele Talked About Son Ever After His Hospitalization

Lea Michele

Lea Michele, The Funny Girl actress recently spoke about her son after his recent hospitalization due to a health issue earlier this week. Ever Leo, the two years old of Lea Michele had to be hospitalized this week. The thirty-six years old actress gave an update to the health of her son.

It has been a long week and they are still not completely out of the danger. However, the boy is showing signs of improvement slowly. Lea Michele said that she also has been a little under the weather as she wasn’t sleeping this whole week. However, she said that she wanted to thank the fans who were showering her with all the love and support.

Michele has also shared the news of the health difficulties of her son in Instagram where she wrote that she is sorry, but she cannot be at the funnygirlbway that day. With the post she shared a photo of the arm of her child and said that they went to the hospital due to a scary health issue of her son.

Lea Michele’s Baby Is Sick

However, soon after that Michele posted another photo from the nose down of the toddler cuddling a soft toy in a hospital bed. She captioned the post thanking everyone for their wishes. She said that they are taking the boy home and she thanked the medics and the doctors of the hospital while concluding her post.

Ever is the son of Lea Michele and her husband Zandy Reich. They have been linked romantically since 2017. After a year of dating, Reich proposed Michele in 2018. For the proposal he designed the ring himself with famous designers and with the jewelers of Las Vegas.