Lindsay Ell Reaches Out After Being Diagnosed With Eating Disorder

Lindsay Ell

Country singer Lindsay Ell took to Instagram on Monday to share details about her mental health journey. It is something she has denied to herself for over 20 years, she reveals. She was recently diagnosed with eating disorders.

The Canadian-American country pop singer, guitarist, songwriter, and television personality from Calgary admitted that the eating disorder has plagued her for most of 20 years. She says that she always tried to convince herself that she did not have one and was fine with it. 

Though she was not as things went out of control and this issue began to dominate Lindsay Ell’s life at one stage. She admits to not having any control over what she ate. While Lindsay Ell’s tried to put up a brave face in public, she says that she was withering up and moving away from the public gaze. She says that she is taking it one day at a time and plans on sharing her road to recovery as she moves forward.

Lindsay Ell Says Sharing Her Story Will Hopefully Help Others To Move Forward

Lindsay Ell says that the reason she is sharing her story is that other accounts have inspired her to move forward. She says that sharing inspires her to be frank with herself, her feelings, and all that she is going through at the moment as she battles her predicament.

The 33-year-old country musician drew reference on her Instagram post to her appearance in recent weeks on the show Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe, where she revealed for the first time her predicament. 

But Lindsay Ell says that her perception has changed the misconception associated with eating disorders and sensitivities about appearance. She says that she is at a certain point in her life and in her battle with the disorder where she can say with certainty that she will take the right direction hopefully in the future.