Lindsay Lohan’s Rebirth On Netflix

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan 7

Lindsay Lohan stayed away from the limelight and the camera for over a decade. And made her comeback with a recent Christmas holiday movie that was released last month Falling For Christmas, released on Netflix. Coming back on the screen with a rom-com was not something she imagined at all. And during the movie, she got attached to everyone.

Lindsay Lohan’s Christmas With Bae

Lindsay Lohan’s name has been tangled with many men in the past, has been talked of the town for more than a decade, and then drug use. Lately, she has been collecting herself and focusing on her career again. Found the man she loves and respects and got back on her feet after a long time. She is in a holiday mood right now, she posted a picture on Instagram with her husband Bader Shammas with whom she tied the knot in April.

Lindsay is wearing a green satin blouse totally Christmas vibe and Shammas is wearing a white sweater. Projecting the whole Christmas vibe and decorated Christmas tree in the background peeking. Captioned the photo with Merry Christmas with a bunch of Santa Claus and Christmas tree icons. Posted a second photo with a pout face

Lindsay Lohan’s family members showed love in the comments section, including Lindsay’s mother and brother, who sent their warm wishes. This is their first Christmas together after the wedding. And he got her a memorable present that she would cherish forever. A Cartier bracelet, this is their first Christmas and he made sure she remembered this forever. And Lindsay has shared how is thinking of passing this present on to the next generation. She further says that she is a professional gift wrapper, she likes wrapping gifts more than receiving them. Lindsay knows how to do the bows with little tricks.