LinkedIn Introduces New Features: Improved Messaging Options, Ability To Place Video Calls Via Zoom, Microsoft Teams And BlueJeans

LinkedIn, Microsoft Teams

LinkedIn has come up with a new redesign. The key new features include changes in its messaging set-up and the all-new facility to switch to face-to-face chats and video calls.

The variety of features in the new LinkedIn redesign particularly gives its messaging feature a boost. You can now expect faster and smoother communication. Also, some of the features now allow you to have greater control over your chats and conversations in LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Announces Their New Video Calling Feature

The company also announced that LinkedIn will soon include features that will help users switch their chat to a face-time chat. The new video calling features will enable LinkedIn users to video chat using BlueJeans by Verizon, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom video calling directly via the LinkedIn messaging section.

To use this option, users will have to click on the video calling icon placed next to the written messaging portion. A pop-up will be shown in the screen where you will have to choose from among the available options like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or BlueJeans and select the prompt to have a smooth video calling experience in LinkedIn.

Scheduling will be a lot easier as this social media platform is mainly used by professionals and employment-oriented people. Now, with the host of new LinkedIn features, you can set up a meeting in LinkedIn or schedule one for later. All that you need to do is share the unique meeting link that you get after you schedule a meeting.

LinkedIn Adds Variety Of Updates In Its Messaging Feature

Now, we come to the fresh edits in the messaging section. As per the latest updates, LinkedIn users can now edit a sent message within a limited time. So, if you’ve made a mistake in your official text, you can now quickly rectify it. Also, LinkedIn has added the ‘Delete’ message option. So, if you’ve sent something irrelevant, you can easily avail the delete option now.

Using this option is also easy. If you’re a LinkedIn user, you can simply double tap or press and hold the message you want to delete. This will open a pop-up menu on your screen. From the menu, you can select the ‘delete’ option if you wish to delete or the ‘edit’ option if you want to edit what you just sent.

The next bit is interesting. You can now find emojis on your LinkedIn messaging section. Double tap or press and hold to open the menu of options. From there you can get hold of any tool you wish to use in your message. You can also save a lot of time now as you can select multiple chats to mark as unread/read, delete or archive at once.

Another additional feature of LinkedIn is that you can report messages you deem to be inappropriate and also include others in an ongoing conversation. For this, go to the top right corner of the messaging section and select ‘new group chat’ to allow others in a chat.