LinkedIn Launches New Analytics Tools for Company Pages


LinkedIn has released a set of new twists, such as new Follower analytics for business pages, a new audio tool for pronouncing profiles of users, and an alternate process for restricting business page invitations.

Firstly -on analytics of the followers- if you move to the direction to your LinkedIn business page analytics, a ‘New’ marker will be displayed on the Analytics tab, meaning that something has been added. This new list of business page followers, by users profile, which you can open to a full list of every profile that is following your Page, organized in reverse chronology.

LinkedIn company page analytics

The listing could provide an opportunity to reach out to new followers to thank them for following, while it also provides some more insight into who’s coming to your page, which could help to refine your posting and engagement processes.

However, you can’t copy this list, yet still, it’s a new level of insight into the performance of your business page. Besides the present follower highlights, follower metrics, and demographics, also the ‘Companies to Track’ preview, that clarifies how similar LinkedIn business pages are doing regarding the growth of followers, frequency of posting, and rates of engagement.

LinkedIn is also applying another structure to restrict the number of times a business page administrator can invite their connections to follow their page.

LinkedIn company page requests

Linked in has brought back this option officially to make you able to invite your connections to follow your business page last year. That happened after testing it in the past few months

This is kind of risky because the growth hackers may also use it to abuse the bejeezus out of the connections. Linked in attempted to avoid that in the first release by applying a 50 invites limit every day for every page administrator. Obviously, that was not enough or LinkedIn just realized that there might be a better procedure. You can see in the screenshot that the new system is providing 100-credit pages per month.

“When your invite is accepted, the credit is returned. Each month, Pages are granted invitation credits shared by all admins. Credits do not roll over.”

So, now pages can send 100 invites per day theoretically – however, they can only spam 100 people each month, with each unaccepted invite out of their side. We still don’t know if this system is better, but anyway, it’s interesting.

Lastly, LinkedIn added a new option for name pronunciation as well. This will help you stop people from mispronouncing your name, some people get very annoyed from such a thing though.

LinkedIn audio for names

LinkedIn application is also displaying a prompt on your profile to audio recording for your name pronunciation if you want.

LinkedIn audio option

The recording is just ten seconds, and LinkedIn urges that people have to “speak slowly and pronounce each syllable clearly” and to “hold the phone about four inches from your mouth”.

When you record it, an audio symbol will be displayed beside your name in the application (the feature is not available on the desktop yet).

LinkedIn pronunciation tool

The new functionalities provide some great options, and though nothing of them is made to change your procedure, they do add extra considerations for creating your audience on the platform, besides explaining your information.