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LinkedIn Might Soon Get A ‘Current Status’ Option To Keep Your Connections Updated About Your Activity

LinkedIn has been testing a new ‘Current Status’ option. With this new option, users will be able to share what they are up to at all times. A one-line summary will appear on different feeds within LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn Current Status

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As this screengrab shows, shared by reverse engineering expert Jane Wong, the ‘Current Status’ box is where you can put your 75-character summary. When visitors hover over your profile in the app, this status will be displayed.

LinkedIn said, confirming the test:

“We’re always exploring new ways to improve our members’ experience on LinkedIn, including features to help best represent themselves on their LinkedIn profile and with their LinkedIn community.”

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LinkedIn is not the only one testing this Status option in their app. Twitter too recently was experimenting with a status indicator. This would be a part of Twitter’s expanded presentation options.

Twitter status

Facebook too has been trying their hands at a status indicator. Last year’s launch Instagram Threads app had an Auto Status option along with the usual status indicator. The Auto Status option can give updates based on your location information without any manual efforts from you. Facebook Messenger too has been testing this Auto Status option.

facebook status

With the ‘Current Status’ option on LinkedIn, event attendance can be better promoted. This would help people meet up in real-time at the events they attend, but this is something for the future. No one wants to attend crowded events quite yet! Facilitating connections seems to be the main target by providing better insight into attendance at professional events. LinkedIn is yet to share any official roll-out plans.

Be it LinkedIn’s ‘Current Status’ option, or those from other social media platforms, these bits of information are trying to bring us all closer while giving real-time updates about our activities to our dear ones. Connectivity is the new currency, so why would we want to miss out on this new feature!

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