Instagram is Testing a Full-Screen Stories Display as Stories Usage Keeps Rising


Ready to see the new story takeover feature on the Instagram application?

In May, Instagram was testing the new double story feed with a number of people in some regions. Presently, Instagram confirmed that it also tests this alongside with the full-screen story display feature.

Instagram Stories full screen

As it appears in the images, some users can now view a new option “See All Stories” and when you click on it, the stories display expands to full screen or according to how many stories you have in the display.

Instagram has tested this for some time before. In April, reverse engineering analyst Jane Manchun Wong saw the code of the full-screen Stories display in the application.

As noted above in Wong’s tweet, this full-screen display was an outcome of affecting the present code, and I actually was thinking that this was a kind of a joke, and that Instagram wouldn’t do this. Apparently, I was mistaken, and Instagram is of course so concentrated on Stories that it’s ready to create a full-screen, all-including Stories display. Definitely, the latest test refers to the potential outlook of Instagram, which will be one where the application opens to a full-screen Stories display, as TikTok does with the video to range with growing Stories use.

With the developing number of story usage, it seems like Instagram will change the basic focus of the application rather than the post feed with the ‘classic’ Instagram stream transfer different tab. Of course, it might be a great change, yet as the mother company, Facebook has often noted, Stories are on the road to override the news feed as the basic surface for social media engagement if they haven’t formerly.

This means that Instagram is aware of the users’ behavior.

However, it doesn’t seem like the full-screen display of the bubbles is a better way to current Stories. If more users are using Stories, opening to the first Story looks like a better way to go. Moreover, with users become more adapted to this sort of display in TikTok, which keeps seeing increased use, it might be a small surprise to view Instagram create this change at some time in the future.