Lisa Hochstein Declines Claims By Girlfriend Saying They Are ‘Ridiculous’

Lisa Hochstein

Lisa Hochstein’s current girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa, the current girlfriend of Lisa Hochstein’s former husband, Lenny Hochstein, came under fire on Tuesday for obtaining what Lisa Hochstein called a “ridiculous” restraining injunction against her.

The ‘real housewives of Miami‘ star, in a statement to Page Six, said that she is working with her attorney on the legal response to the allegations of her girlfriend that are ridiculous. She also added that these allegations are completely false.

Lisa Hochstein says it is a complete waste of their money and time.

According to People, the girlfriend Mazepa, 26, requested a court injunction against Lisa in July, alleging that the reality tv star has been bullying and harassing her since she began dating Lenny. However, Lisa assures us that Mazepa’s accusations are unfounded and that she is only acting in the best interests of her two children, Logan, 7, and Elle, 2, and the plastic surgeon.

She said that when Lenny spends money and time on her European vacation, she is the one at home with their children.

Another side of the case was revealed as 56Yo Lenny told the reporters of Page Six that Lisa was the one abusing their joint card to buy stuff for herself while he was on his vacation in Europe with Mazepa.

Lisa Hochstein Claims Girlfriend Claims Are Ridiculous And Untrue:

Lenny, in a statement with Page Six, claimed that the credit card bill last month was almost 60 K. Even this month, their joint credit card abuse continued with the shopping of jewelry and clothing, as per Lenny.

According to a person close to Lisa, the costs have all been for Lenny’s expenses, her legal fees, or her children.

In court filings acquired by Page Six previously this week, Lisa charged Lenny with attempting to “financially strangle” her. She stated that when she “does not accede to every one of [his] demands,” the self-styled “Boob God” retaliates “by restricting [her] access to finances.”