Demi Lovato Prefers Using She/Her Pronouns Along With They/Them

demi lovato

A year after coming out as non-binary and stating that she prefers to use the pronouns “they/them,” Demi Lovato has returned to using the pronouns “she/her.”

The 29-year-old “Sorry Not Sorry” singer said she chose it because she is “such a flexible person” on the “Spout” podcast on Tuesday.

Explaining why she adopted they/them, the actress said that the energy last year was balanced in both the feminine and masculine energies.

Demi Lovato further added that when she was facing her choice of walking into a bathroom, it said women and men, and she never knew which one to choose as she did not feel like a woman. The singer further added that she did not feel like a man either. She just felt like a human.

Demi Lovato further noted that choosing they and them as pronouns for her was because she felt like a human inside her back then. However, now she has felt feminine and therefore adopted she/her pronouns.

Singer Demi Lovato Started Using She/Her Pronouns As Well:

The singer said that everyone in her surroundings sometimes messed up with the pronouns to use at one point. Also, when people are learning, this mistake happens very often. However, it is more about respect, according to her.

The singer came out in 2021’s May as non-binary after she did some reflective and healing work. She said that this represented the fluidity they felt in their gender and allowed them to feel authentic to the person she was still discovering.

Recently, Demi Lovato has been dropping some hints on social media about returning to her full feminine energy once again. The singer was seen posting to her social media accounts that captioned, ” You call me they, but I’m still daddy’s girl.”