Demi Lovato Identifies As Non-Binary; Officially Changes Pronouns

demi lovato

Demi Lovato, the American singer, has recently shared a video through her Twitter account on 19th May, Wednesday that took everyone by surprise. She made the revelation of her decision to change her pronouns to either they or them.

Demi Lovato made a series of tweets yesterday wherein the very popular singer has announced that she will be identifying herself as a non-binary. This announcement of hers is considered a bold move by her fans worldwide.

Identification Of Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato tweeted on Wednesday that her life so far has not only been for herself but also others. She was living her life for the camera as well since she is a public personality. Nonetheless, from yesterday onwards, she is extremely happy to share a larger part of her life with all the people across the world.

Eventually, she tweeted that she identifies herself as a non-binary. She further added that she will now officially change her pronouns as well. From this moment, her pronouns will be they or them.

This realization by Lovato regarding her identity is thought to be very courageous by her followers. Lovato also informed that she came to this conclusion of being a non-binary after a huge amount of reflective and healing practice on her part.

Moreover, Lovato also shared that she is still in a process of learning and coming to terms with herself. She is yet to reveal herself completely to people and embrace several hidden parts of her own identity.

She acknowledged that she is not an expert spokesperson but she wants to start living openly. She also wants to share her authentic self with the people she loves and her fans.