The Bravo Tv Show Made Lisa Rinna’s Life A Living Hell

lisa rinna

It’s been five months since Lisa Rinna left The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. When she first started the show gave her comfort and the fans were everything she was counting on. However, with time, things have gone down the hill. The way she has been treated lately. She couldn’t think of anything else but to leave. The last season was hectic for her. The show and the fan made her vulnerable. They were rubbing salt on her wound. She chose her mental peace over fame or money. She couldn’t live like that. That led to some unhealthiness.

Lisa Rinna’s Mother Helped Her Choose The Right Path

Before leaving the real housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa Rinna was in denial. She wanted to leave the show because she knew she wasn’t happy. It was affecting her mental health and her family.

Lisa Rinna’s mother died in 2021. Before leaving the show her mother visited her asking her to go. She went to a psychic asking for an explanation. The psychic confirmed it and said Lisa Rinna was guided by her mother. She knew her daughter was struggling and gave her the green light to move forward.

Even while on the show she used to get death threats. Her mother also wanted her to be happy and follow her dreams. And she did.

Lisa Rinna started her career by working in Days of our lives daily soap. Then also appeared dancing with the stars. Showcased a woman is multi-faceted.

Lisa Rinna was part of this reality tv show for the last 35 years. She even posted how heartbreaking it was for her to resign. Her leaving the show shocked many. Andy Cohen also believed it was temporary. He has a strong sense she will come back.