What’s The Fuss Is All About Machine Gun Kelly And Jack Harlow?

machine gun kelly

They have not been feuding for a long time. However, nobody seems to know the real reason behind it. Machine Gun Kelly has been the target for a long time. His recent relationship turbulence caused a whole lot of drama. Megan Fox and he almost separated a month ago.

They reconciled. He has now taken up his rap to diss someone. That someone is no one but Jack Harlow. No one knows what the fuss is all about. He recently launched his new album where there are many tracks where he is dissing Jack Harlow. Fans are clueless and started assumptions based on both of their track lyrics.

Machine Gun Kelly Finding Ways To Experiment With His Career

Machine Gun Kelly who is originally known as Colson Baker. He has been involved in the rapping industry for a decade now. Since then he has been in a feud with rap king Eminem and others. Other than music he has a large number of high profile affairs. 

Machine Gun Kelly is now in a serious relationship with Megan Fox. He managed to pull her, she has and still is a heartthrob. They got engaged last year. However, a recent album of his disses Jack Harlow. No one has any clue whatsoever.

Jack Harlow’s recently released third studio album caused a little whirlwind situation among many stars. Among them is Machine Gun Kelly, who is highly affected by Harlow’s lyrics. Many MGK fans things Harlow wrote those lyrics to demean Machine Gun Kelly perhaps. Jack Harlow now considers himself the ‘ white rap king’.

He is making a big deal out of himself which is obviously not a crime. However, he is someway disrespecting Eminem, who is the real king of the Rap industry period.

Machine Gun Kelly is disturbed by all these. He has expressed he is overwhelmed by everything around him. He needs to bring back his focus to himself. He is thinking of going back to his roots, hip-hop, and experimenting with something incredible with it. He has decided not to pay attention to anyone or anything which is distracting him.