Madison LeCroy Says She Can’t Trust Her Co-stars

Madison Lecroy

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In one of her recent posts, Madison LeCroy said that being heartless is her way to survive in the industry as one cannot trust anyone from here. She wrote along with a clip of her co-stars like Venita Aspen, Taylor Ann Green, and Naomi Olindo. She said that sometimes one might think that some people are their friends, but then they realize.

She said that she thinks everyone in the industry knows they don’t want to end up on each other’s bad side so they will look forward to their reunion.

Madison LeCroy Says She Cannot Trust Anybody From The Industry: 

The Bravolebrity didn’t clarify to us which of her co-stars she was alluding to.

She earlier complained to Page Six that she was being painted as the “nasty girl,” while in reality, the other ladies were excluding her.

During the first few episodes, LeCroy also engaged in off-screen fighting via social media with his ex-boyfriend Austen Kroll and his current girlfriend, Olivia Flowers.

Flowers, 30, called her Kroll’s “homegirl” in a confessional, to which LeCroy punched back that Flowers was “homely,” sparking the online rivalry. Besides making fun of his ex, Kroll, 35, said she had “11 seconds of airtime” on the premiere.

Madison LeCroy told the Page Six reporters that they do not know her enough to call her homegirl. She says that she felt a little insulted at that moment.