Malicious Trezor App Removed By Apple From The App Store

Trezor CEO Trezor App

A malicious app that had been linked to Trezor App, the crypto hardware wallet, has now been taken off the App Store, although a quick search has found that other copycat apps are still lurking around. On 20th June, Rafael Yakobi, the Managing Partner at Crypto Lawyers, posted a security alert that was regarding the App Store.

The lawyer had reported that the very first result in a search for the crypto hardware wallet app was a malicious app that was designed to steal cryptocurrency. He warned the users of Apple that the fake Trezor Wallet Suite app would request a seed phrase- which would then allow the operators to steal all the crypto that one had.

Malicious Trezor App Has Been Removed From the App Store 

Cointelegraph then further searched the United States version of the App Store and could not locate the Trezor App that had been referenced by Yakobi. Apple is usually pretty quick to remove fraudulent or suspicious apps from its store once it is alerted to it. However, a search for Trezor Wallet Suite returned another application called MyTREZOR Suite: One Edition. This app had just a couple of reviews- where both of them served as warnings that the app was a scam that would steal crypto- so it does appear that Apple hasn’t yet been able to clean house on the Trezor App. 

For those wanting to get mobile applications of cryptocurrency wallets, the safest way to go about that would be through the official website of the manufacturers. Although there is an app that is available for the users of Trezor on iOS, it is merely a companion app that provides limited functionality. According to Apple news outlet, the largest technological company in the world isn’t too friendly when it comes to cryptocurrency applications, which are only to be approved under the strictest of circumstances.