After A Man Slips A GoPro Beneath A Cruise Ship And Learns What’s Underneath, People Are “Terrified”


Cruises are the newest thing this year, but if you look more closely at the enormous luxury ships, you’ll find something you wish you hadn’t noticed. Then, a Greek photographer used a film of his GoPro footage taken underwater and next to a cruise ship to frighten his audience. In November 2021, photographer Odysseas Froilan posted a film to his YouTube page. Millions of people saw the video when it became viral. Regarding the video and the location of his GoPro dive, Froilan has been reticent. Viewers were first pleased to see a school of fish in the video confused by the alien item that had fallen into their neck of the woods when the cruise ship’s camera was lowered into the sea while it was moored.

The View Below A Cruise Ship Horrifies People About The Depths Of The Ocean

On the other hand, viewers weren’t left feeling uneasy until the end. When the GoPro dropped in, the school of fish appeared to have a complex, much to the surprise of viewers (Odysseas Froilan/YouTube). At that moment, sharks suddenly appeared in the GoPro camera’s field of vision, with one of them darting into the night light before swiftly swimming away. Shortly after, a massive shark is observed emerging from the darkness and swimming quietly and unperturbed out of sight. “It’s amazing how my fear of the ocean changed from being so terrified that I was kicking my feet in the air at the cute fishies in the daytime footage to just staring terrifiedly at the nighttime footage, further confirming my intense fear of the ocean,” a YouTube user wrote.