Mandy Moore Failed To Hold Her Emotions

mandy moore

This is Us stars reunited. Mandy Moore, Susan Kelechi Watson, and Chrissy Metz. Perhaps it was a long-awaited reunion. They must have been planning this all along.

This is us have been an outstanding journey for the three ladies.

They still look back at the days when they were shooting. Things went back to after finishing filming. The drama series made some of their careers. They cannot thank them enough. According to Chrissy Metz, she has met some amazing people while shooting. She is going to cherish those friendships for a lifetime.

The show wrapped up last year this time exactly. The ladies reunited after a year. And everything is the same as before.

Mandy Moore Felt Strange After Wrap Up

The friendship made it outside the shooting floor to the group chat. They all are still active in the group. They are always keeping tabs on each other.  In July 2022 Mandy Moore shared that it has been difficult the last two months. Prior to the wrap and final episode, she was horrified. Life going back to normal seemed terrible for her. She wanted to work more with those people.

They all found a new meaning in life.

Mandy Moore addressed those 6 years of her life filming This Is US as summer vacation. After the wrap, it was more like going back to work, and she doesn’t like it.

According to Chrissy Metz, it was a life-changing event for her. She used to miss the cast and crew of This Is US desperately. She was over the moon. The show was the chance for she could touch people’s lives. It was a phenomenal experience for her.

The best thing about the cast is they still have an active group, and they all know what’s going on in each of their lives.