Måneskin Faces Queerbaiting Allegations- Slams Back With Heated Up Response


The Grammy Awards nominated group artist is back with their third album “Rush!”. Måneskin finally comments about the huge backlash they have been coping with due to gender fluidity. Given the group’s newly released music album “RUSH!” The band members spoke about their encounter with fame and the supportive Italian audience that embraced the group on its journey towards breaking the stereotype of rock and roll. 

Måneskin Band Members David And Thomas Up Against Huge Backlash From Fans

In recent media, group members Damiano David along with Thomas Raggi who confirmed their identity to be straight have been facing quite a backlash with accusations portraying them as “Queerbaiters”  for the use of makeup and fashion choices. While others like Ethan Torchio and Victoria De Angelis were left out of the matter as they belong to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Måneskin replied to these accusations by saying that these kinds of cases surface often but at times these allegations can get out of hand. They added that such instances are very stupid as a community can’t just claim something to be its own. David and Raggi shouldn’t be facing these backlashes due to their sexuality or personal preferences concerning fashion. 

Band member Damiano David added to the statement by saying that everything they have been doing is viewed by two other people from the queer community. They might not be experiencing the same things as them but they live their lifestyles quite close to the people of the same circle.

In a similar instance, the Måneskin musicians could be seen facing backlash from their people within the home country of Italy shortly after their winning Eurovision. David commented back to these rumors by stating how there’s always been a line between people who appreciate their art and keep supporting them throughout this phase and others who are part of the controversies because of their hate against the unconventional approach towards rock and roll. These fascists will always keep hating them no matter what.