Margot Robbie’s Body Double Reveals That She Has No Idea About the Barbie Movie’s Plot

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In the upcoming Barbie movie, a number of actresses will play Barbie, however, just one individual will serve as Margot Robbie’s body double in the eagerly anticipated comedy.

The “Barbie” body double for Margot Robbie claimed that the plot of the eagerly awaited movie was kept a secret from her while she was on setEmma Eastwood, 26, revealed that this was her first time acting as a body double. It was after being turned down for the role of an extra in the film.

Eastwood added that despite spending two weeks on set, she still “barely” understands the plot of the film. The actor remarked, “They did an excellent job of maintaining the mystery.”

Margot Robbie’s Double Does Not Know What The Movie Is About

“They gave me no specifics about our plan of action. They occasionally said that the entire cast would be present. And that it would be a significant day.  

She initially served as Robbie’s hand substitute, but Eastwood claimed that she soon began acting in more significant scenes. The actor, however, claimed to the Times that she was only required to follow instructions and that no context was provided for any of her scenes.

Eastwood said she had to climb a flight of stairs in one scene that is briefly seen in the movie’s trailer while feigning foot pain. She had to spend an hour lying facedown on the ground, according to Eastwood in another scenario. She remarked, “I genuinely felt inebriated when I got up. 

Robbie, the star of “Barbie,” was frequently confused for Eastwood on filming, according to Eastwood, and even Robbie did so when watching old videos.