Mark Consuelos’ Relationship With His Daughter Lola Improve

Mark Consuelos

Mark Consuelos revealed that the father-daughter relationship has not been in harmony from the beginning. As he sees his daughter grow up, he has noticed various changes that make him happy. Mark Conseulos seems to have reconciled with his daughter and they are having a better experience spending time with each other.

Mark Consuelos and his spouse, Kelly Ripa, further announced the improvement in their relationship with their daughter of 22 years, Lola at a Live Show. Mark Consuelos had also spoken about the trip to Greece that had allowed them to know Lola’s friends and Lola, herself much better. He cannot stop himself from praising that the experience had been marvelous as both could mingle with their grown-up children. They could match perspectives that were so essential and soothing to the mind. 

The trip to Greece was a part of her graduation present as Mark Consuelos reveals. Lola had revealed that she was moving towards creating a music career. It has been her childhood dream, and she worked for it from the beginning. Her new music would be published the next Friday. Her new song is based on the fact that the notions that scare us might not exist but it presents itself as a huge thing making people constantly stress upon them. Lola is very excited about the upcoming release and hopes that she would be successful in her future endeavors.

Mark Consuelos Supports His Daughter Lola To Reach For Her Dreams 

After the graduation of Lola, her parents shared a documentary of the ceremony consisting of numerous clips at her college. Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa have revealed how proud they are of their daughter and it has been one of the happiest moments for them to share with their beloved daughter. They are having a gala time experiencing and collecting these heartfelt memories with their daughter.