Martha Stewart’s Instagram Has Been a Major Shock For her Ardent Fans


For years, Martha Stewart has serenaded her fans with her charm- and her major successes in the entertainment industry. But now, her fans have been swept off their feet in her series of pictures which she recently uploaded on her Instagram. The 79-year-old recently uploaded a picture of her in a grey pullover that had a gorgeous pattern. The entire look was polished off with immaculate makeup, as well as earrings, and her blonder hair perfectly styled. Was this a signal to the industry that she could still woo her fans if the need arose? Maybe. 

Interestingly, that wasn’t the only picture that she uploaded. She also posted a picture of her toned figure adorned in a gold vest, that had been put over a white top, as well as trousers. Sadly, some of her followers thought that this beauty was a result of botox and plastic surgery. 

Martha Stewart’s Pictures Promote Her Clothing Line

For this look, she went with knee-length boots in black, as well as posing beside a couple of horses. The entire post was designed to promote Martha Stewart’s new line of clothing- which she asked fans to give a once-over. Unsurprisingly, this isn’t really the only time when Martha Stewart has displayed herself on social media. Previously, she had awed her fans with a pool selfie that had been taken in East Hampton. Humbly enough, she made no references to her beauty in that photo- choosing to talk about her pool

The star had also promoted her clothing line through a holiday-themed picture that went up on her personal Instagram. The picture was of her amidst Christmas decorations. To give off the holiday look, Martha Stewart had put on a red vest over a white sweater and a gracious smile. She received both bouquets and brickbats for her post, for some thought that this beauty was something straight out a surgical chair. 

What Does Martha Stewart Have to Say About her Trolls on Instagram?

As it goes, there’s no solid proof to back those who are talking about plastic surgery. Rather, some interesting facts about this entertainer have come to light. Martha Stewart’s modeling career began when she was 13, and she used the profits from her modeling to fund her tuition in college. Till 1990, she was wedded to Andrew Stewart, when she became the first female self-made billionaire. 

Commenting on her naysayers, she mentioned that her routine involved a veggie drink in the morning, and a hydrating face mask. This mother of one spoke about it on Instagram, where she mentioned that she followed this routine quite stringently. Her diet also involved fish, and little to no meat. 

Also, when we talk about Martha Stewart, we have to talk about ‘Martha Bakes’. Martha Stewart enjoys baking, where she mostly uses flour that is gluten-free- something that her Instagram displays for all and sundry.