Atlanta: Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Film a Dangerous Shot For ‘Bad Boys 4’

Will Smith
Will Smith

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are working incredibly hard in Atlanta. On Wednesday, the co-stars were seen shooting for the fourth Bad Boys. In a split second, Smith, 54, could be seen watching Lawrence, 58, who was seen yelling while dressed in a medical gown that was blowing in the wind.

Back at the beginning of this year, the stars including Will Smith shared a clip on Instagram with the message, that it was time in which they revealed that the 4th installment of The Bad Boys was in production.

Martin Lawrence Reflects Upon The Will Smith Controversy And Coming Together For The Last Installment Of Their Franchise

Then, around April, Lawrence and Will Smith made a video appearance at CinemaCon, stating that they were about a month into shooting the sequel and hence couldn’t attend the LV event in person.

According to Variety, Lawrence jokingly stated, that they were sorry that they could not be there, while Will Smith added that they were glad that they weren’t there since they were “here” because they were getting paid. After 25 years, the pair reunited for the Bad Boys 3 film, dubbed Bad Boys for Life, and enjoyed box office success. Lawrence expressed his hope that their franchise would proceed despite the controversy surrounding Will Smith’s on-stage slap of Chris Rock at the Oscars event in an interview with a magazine last summer. At least another installment is in the works, according to Lawrence.

Lawrence reminisced on the original then, saying, that for them to work together and to prove that they can bring people to the theatres and pull it off was huge. He further added that he never had the chance to attend college and thus TV was like his ‘college years’ and now upon doing movies, he feels as if he has graduated. TV to him felt different.