McDonald’s Made A Strong Statement By Turning The Famous ‘Golden Arches’ Upside Down


Aiming for the renowned Golden Arches is as connected with McDonald’s as the brand itself. And occasionally, especially after a tiring workday journey, we may decide to call the drive-thru for a speedy pick-me-up only to get a glimpse of the vivid yellow neon signage. But things were completely turned upside down not too long ago by the iconic McDonald’s logo. We mean it when we say it.

After being shown to the public in 1962, the Maccies logo is now the fifth most recognizable in the world, behind Microsoft, Nike, Google, and Coca-Cola. They haven’t moved since. However, McDonald’s reversed the Golden Arches for two years in the previous ten years to commemorate a particular day on the calendar. Maccies announced locations around the United States of America, and it was a very important one.

What Was The Main Focus Of The McDonald’s Incident?

To commemorate International Women’s Day, Maccies changed their brand in a dramatic but temporary way. Given that women make up 60% of the firm’s managers in the United States, the corporation decided to honor the women who have contributed to its current state of success. Thus, we bid farewell to the well-known M and welcomed the W. a dud for Maccies on this one. The modification was only made by one branch. Images of the Ws were posted immediately on Facebook, X (then Twitter), and Instagram at a Californian outlet.

Even merchandise was created to honor the deed. We’re talking about packaging, caps, and t-shirts at 100 US franchisees.