Marvel Is Coming Forward With A Publication For Memoir To Scott Lang

Scott Lang
Scott Lang

Paul Rudd comes forward with his book on a memoir of MCU character legendary Scott Lang named “Look Out for the Little Guy” which publishes this September 5th.

MCU Is Back With Another Mind Blowing Surprise With The Release Of Its Book On Scott Lang Our Beloved Ant-Man

Marvel Cinematic Universe announced this Thursday that they will be publishing a fictional narrative for Scott Lang also renowned as Ant-Man. The book will be titled Look Out for the Little Guy! Releasing this September. 

The book features the studio’s latest upcoming movie ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’ here Scott Lang will be promoting his memoir which is based on the film’s plot further acting as leverage to his Avenger status before plunging yet into another adventure off to quantum realm. 

As Rudd previously explained in the announcement of Marvel Studios referring to the book’s release into our land though it still seems too unreal for most MCU fans globally. The actor starts by saying that indeed the once-fictional prop is coming to life and can be bought from your nearest shelves or online once it releases. The video starts as he reads out a few lines referencing the memoir tricking us by saying ‘How is that going to be for the meta?’ MCU studios surely know how to play with our heads.

The Avenger alum gives us a peek into the book as he gives a synopsis- the book which is quite certainly not written by him will uncover the man behind Scott Lang aka Ant-Man. The questions our followers have been dying to know like why he looks so much alike. Or who he might be? Will be answered here.

Variety updates us that this isn’t MCU’s first run along a book tying up to the movie and the franchise but will be one of the firsts to publish as an instrument for the Marvel lead character Scott Lang.