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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Meek Mill’s Latest Song Has Not Been In Good Taste According To Vanessa Bryant

Meek Mill has landed himself in controversy after his recent single ‘Don’t Worry’ caught the attention of Vanessa Bryant. The widow of Kobe Bryant called the rapper out for his insensitive lyrics which talk about her late husband. One of the lines in his song mentions the rapper planning to kill himself if he ever found himself plummeting down the ladder of fame. The problematic part- he considers taking a helicopter and crashing it. It comes as no surprise that the grieving widow would find it extremely distressing. 

Meek Mill’s New Single Has Attracted Controversy

Interestingly, several individuals from the basketball fraternity came in support of the widow. Vanessa Bryant had put up a story on her Instagram which rightfully criticized the rapper. In her story, she talked about how it was quite disrespectful- and even if he was a fan of Kobe, there were better ways to show that admiration. She also found it lacking tact and respect. 

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The basketball legend had passed away the previous year in a helicopter crash the previous year, which also claimed the life of his young daughter. Candace Parker, a former WNBA player and one of Vanessa’s closest friends also criticized Meek Mill for his lyrics. In a post on her Instagram, Parker apologized about how Vanessa Bryant had to go through stuff like this- only to get reminded of the horrifying event. 

Meek Mill, on his part, has tweeted that he apologized to Vanessa Bryant. He further mentioned that he had apologized in private, rather than make a public showing about it. In his words, the rapper talked about how it was more important that the person concerned received the apology, rather than people around them. If someone actually cared about the person they had offended, they would make sure they understood the apology- rather than an Instagram post meant to appease others. 

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