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TikTok Has Been Expanding Its Influence By Making Deals With Sports Leagues

TikTok has already gone over the political firestorm it was under by making major leeways in the field of sports. Currently, the social media app has already expanded its influence in major US sports leagues. The social media app is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese firm, and has recently announced the latest jersey that would bear their insignia. This jersey would be worn by the Portland Timbers of the MLS, along with Thorns FC, the sister club that plays in the National Women’s Soccer League. 

TikTok Has Created A Foothold For Itself In MLS

The media has not been alerted as to the terms of this agreement between TikTok and the sports clubs. Several rumors have stated that the clubs from MLS would be receiving close to $1 million every year through sponsorship. Mike Golub, the President of the Portland Timbers recently mentioned that this pact was simply an equal partnership. While he did decline to reveal several numbers about this very specific agreement, he didn’t deny the valuation was significantly more than $1 million. 

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He also mentioned that the patch would be on the higher end of the value- for the patches have already been sold to both the MSL and the NWSL. The longevity of this patch would be called to question, as fans would definitely be purchasing them from properties that are team-run. 

Harish Sharma, the director of global strategic partnerships for TikTok has claimed that this is a completely different lens that is viewing the agreement. The very tenet of a joint patch partnership with both the men’s and the women’s game is unprecedented. 

Not only is this the first joint venture by TikTok, but this is also the first joint venture ever in sports. 

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