Twitter Tries To Strangle Neera Tanden’s Run For Office

Neera Tanden
Neera Tanden


Neera Tanden’s chance to run for the Management & Budget Office looks to be slightly shaken. And all due to her— well, tweets. President Joe Biden nominated her. But her chances seem not as high, especially to pass the Senate Confirmation. It mainly began when Senator Joe Manchin, from the Democratic Party, said that his vote would not be in her favor. He joins the lead of several Republicans who also said that previously. These include Senators Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, as well as Rob Portman. 

Two of the Senate Committees also postponed their votes on Neera Tanden’s nomination on Wednesday. It could only mean that the chances are melting and are getting thinner. People may now be skeptical about her position to be the Budget Director for the US. But shouldn’t it be known to all that she was the Center Of American Progress’s President? The organization was of a left-to-center mindset. It published factual policy papers on many public issues. 

Neera Tanden’s Almost Hurtful Tweets 

Neera Tanden has tweeted several things against many of the Republicans. She has called Mitch McConnell ‘Voldemort’ the villain from the Harry Potter franchise, and also “Moscow Mitch.” She has also called Ted Cruz or instead made a comparison between him and vampires. She then labeled Tom Cotton as a fraud. She also has a frequent target among them all— Bernie Sanders. She said that he allegedly had Russian support for his 2016 primaries. 

There have also been reports that Neera Tanden allegedly deleted more than a thousand tweets recently. Though rights have criticized her, Tanden still has hopes to enter the office and pass the Senate Confirmation.