Megan Fox Jokes That She Doesn’t Workout Yet Has Abs

Megan Fox

When you have abs like Megan Fox, you probably would know how much dedication it takes to make them.

But as the actress states- she never works out! This was her caption to a post on Instagram where she put on a neon green two-piece that highlighted her sculpted midriff- as she wore it to her fiance’s latest show. Now, anyone who has worked out in their entire life would know that Fox probably spends multiple hours in the gym- which brings out the abs and the shredded arms.

Nevertheless, she jokingly captioned that she didn’t work out. She also mentioned that if God ever wanted her to bend over, diamonds would have been on the floor. The chemical romance between MGK and Fox was again visible as he commented on a couple of diamond emojis- hoping that the actress would bend over and pick them up. 

Megan Fox Shows Up In Neon Green Two-Piece And Sculpted Abs

This isn’t the first time Megan Fox has wowed people with her body. In 2014, it took her less than six months after being pregnant with the second child of Brian Austin Green to get back into shape for the premiere of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Back then, she had informed E! News that she worked out like a beast at least twice a week.

She also stated that her workout routine involved several bursts of cardio which were interspersed with extremely heavy weights. And as far as her diet is concerned, she mentioned that she had completely cut out every form of gluten and carbohydrate in her diet. She stated that the worst thing that she consumed was coffee- and nothing else. 

One can appreciate Megan Fox’s dedication towards this even further- as she made it a point to state that she never had a cheat day. If she had a goal in mind, she went full throttle towards it- with no exceptions.