Meghan Trainor Shades Charlie Puth Over Hot-And-Heavy TV Make Out

Meghan Trainor

Oh, she was moving her lips.

Except for the passionate kiss she had with Charlie Puth at the 2015 American Music Awards, Meghan Trainor doesn’t have many regrets.

Meghan Trainor, the singer participated in a Tik Tok craze on Tuesday when users contrast two things they like with a third that they don’t particularly like.

Before saying she was “not so fond of” her handsy makeout with Puth, 30, the mom, 28, highlighted two things she loved: having a No. 1 record and winning a Grammy.

She danced for the first two awards, but she glanced at the camera in disappointment when she spoke of the jaw-dropping kiss.

When the duo completed singing their hit song “Marvin Gaye” about seven years ago, an extraordinary moment occurred.

Meghan Trainor Regret Kissing Charlie Puth: 

Meghan Trainor encircled Puth’s neck with her arms while he held her behind during their 15-second passionate kiss.

Many believed they were dating after their passionate kiss, but the “Attention” singer explained to Ellen Degeneres that the kiss was only “a visual aesthetic for what the song represents.”

Although Puth has not yet responded to Trainer’s video, her supporters swiftly flocked to the comments section to remember the memorable event. One user said, “I’m still not over it. It shook the nation.”

 Another person added, “It was a cultural reset. Honestly lmao shook everyone out of their seats!!

Others excitedly anticipated Puth’s response, stating, “I can’t be the only one reading through the comments searching for Charlie’s response,” as they awaited his reply.

Since that kiss, Trainor has moved on and is now married to actor Daryl Sabara. They have a 1-year-old son named Riley, and she stated last week that they want to grow their family.