Melissa Joan Hart Tearfully Shared How She Helped Kindergartners From Nashville School Shooting

Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart said that she saw kindergartners climbing out from the woods as they tried to escape a shooter situation in their school.

The actress shared her experience as she become emotional in a video she recently posted. The actress apparently helped the small kindergarteners after the shooting in a private elementary school in Nashville happened in Monday Morning.

Three nine years old and three adult members of the staff were killed in the private Christian school. Melissa Joan Hart who also is the mother of three children and lives in Nashville shared her Instagram video that revealed how her children also attend a school in the same area where the tragedy happened. This is also not the first time when Melissa or her family was close to a school shooting incident.

Melissa Joan Hart Shared Her Experience Of The Nashville School Shooting

Melissa said that she and her children moved to Nashville from Connecticut where her children used to study in a school close to Sandy Hook where the school shooting happened a few years back. She said that this is the second time she and her children were close to a school where a school shooting was happening. However, the actress confirmed that she and her children are fine.

Melissa Joan Hart said that she and her husband were close to the school where it happened and they tried to help the kindergartners who were running away to escape the scene. Hart, being very emotional said that her husband and the kids were on their way to school for a conference. Luckily her kids were not in the school that day. The family helped a bunch of kindergartners across a busy highway.