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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Memes On The US Election Floating Around The Social Media

Memes are the new entertainment of the century. The US election has probed many people to put on memes about it on social media. With the spotlight on states like Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania who have been having a position where the winner is not declared, people are taking to social media to combat their election anxiety. 

Many meme-makers and fellow social media users have confided into these memes to wait for a huge change in their futures.  Both Biden and Trump have to have 270 votes upon which it would decide who wins this presidential election. So while there is time to laze around, there is furor or one might call a movement taking place on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. 

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Famous memes are curated on social media based on the US election 2020

There are various popular memes on social media like the “defective boyfriend” which are now newly curated with Trump’s and Biden’s face on it to express the emotions of the voters. One can say that there is an almost election campaign going on social media. This was all in jest as the election commission was taking more and more time to count the ballots. This was further aftermath of how certain states had flipped since the US election of 2016. 

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While Twitter was seen to be filled with old memes with the election results coming on, TikTok another platform was having new members bringing out new memes. Many memes such as a woman yelling at a cat were circulated among both close and open groups on social media. In the new meme format, Trump’s face has been seen to be yelling in replacement of the woman’s face. The cat’s face has been replaced by the “Sesame Street”.

Matt Schimkowitz, the senior editor of Know Your Memes has been explaining that this was a way of coping with the anxiety that came with the election of the US president. People were further cheering each other for having such a great sense of humor. Where the majority of the world would not have been able to take world politics in such a lightweight, the US elections have been remarkable in proving otherwise. 

How GenZ uses dark humor

Dark Humour has been an absolute way of coping with difficult situations for Generation Z. It has been told to be a new culture of meme-making and has defined comedy altogether. It is being discussed in Odyssey, a news channel that millennials often use memes on social media as a measure of “coping”. This has been understood more vividly in the election of the president of the United States more so than ever.

From cat memes to defective boyfriend memes, it could be well stated that America has seen it all. The US election of 2020 has, therefore, been an ephemeral success in bringing some laughter to the citizens. One can, now only wait for what it shall bring for the politics of the country. Social media has no doubt brought the revolution in its own kind.

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