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Meri Brown Goes Mysterious

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is breaking her silence following news that she has split from husband Kody Brown. On Sunday, the reality TV star posted a cryptic message to Instagram that seemingly referenced her separation from the polygamist family patriarch. “Remember, if you find yourself in a hole, quit digging!” she wrote alongside a photo of herself standing beside a large hole. “Sometimes it’s hard to look at things clearly and objectively, but then again sometimes we don’t.”

If you’re a fan of Sister Wives, then you’ve probably heard the news that Meri Brown has split from her husband Kody Brown. If not, let me catch ya up: Meri is the second wife of Kody and has been on the show since it first premiered in 2010. The couple have four children together and are still legally married as far as I know (although maybe not).

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In an Instagram post that was shared by People magazine yesterday, Meri thanked fans for their support during this difficult time and said “it’s OKAY to feel broken.” She also revealed that she’s been struggling with depression for years—a condition most people don’t associate with someone who lives each day surrounded by cameras and microphones on purpose!

The caption reads: “I didn’t know what was happening to me until after my daughter’s high school graduation party when I had a mental break down at home alone one night…I realized then how much pain I had kept away inside myself..how much emptiness there was within me..and how much anger I felt towards my family…”

Meri Brown Posts About Break up

Meri Brown, best known as the wife of Kody Brown on Sister Wives, has shared a cryptic message to Instagram that seemingly references her separation from the polygamist family patriarch.

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On Sunday, Meri posted a photo of herself crying while lying on her stomach. “I’m not sure this is for everyone,” she wrote in the caption next to it. “But I know that most of you have been there at one point or another … And if you’re new here and struggling with something similar – I hope knowing me helps.”

It’s unclear what Meri meant by this post or why she felt compelled to share it with fans. However, it comes just two months after RadarOnline reported that Meri had filed for divorce from Kody amid rumors that he was cheating on her with his fourth wife Robyn Brown (née Doyle).

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