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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Mike Lindell Certain He Can End YouTube And Twitter’s Free Run: But No Sacrilege Or Cuss Words Please!

Mike Lindell is poised to start his own unique version of YouTube and Twitter combined. But his free speech platform will have a holier-than-thou image and will not permit any form of impiety or cuss-words.

The internet Pillow man still retains his soft spot for Donald Trump. He promises a free run for those professing his brand of freedom of speech. Everyone will have a chance to air their opinions, he has assured Americans in an interview with Graham Ledger, the right-wing host.

Mike Lindell Promises To Ban The 4 Cuss Words

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But there are restrictions on what Mike Lindell terms the 4 swear words. He will have none of what he terms as c-words, f-words, n-words, or the freedom to peddle God’s name as an invective.

He has laid down the ground rules for his ultra-conservative social networking platform. No expletives, no sexual content, and nothing that could be even hinting at ungodliness.

Getting banned from YouTube and Twitter seems to have galled Mike Lindell enough to create his version of the platform with his creative ways. To make matters worse, he has been slighted by someone he considered his own, Fox News. He was banned for perpetuating claims that Trump won the presidency in 2020, and not Biden.

The My Pillow Founder Promises A Ten-Fold Rise In Followers

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Mike Lindell has promised users ten times more followers than they can expect on his rivals. This unique pitch is sure to go down well with some like-minded followers.

He has his conspiracy theory on how Trump was denied a second term. 

But his move to permit criticism of the former president is sure to shock even his most ardent supporters.

He believes free speech should be neither sexually explicit, nor about mindless violence. He is currently in the news for being sued by Dominion, the voting machine hardware and software manufacturers for $1.3B.

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