Minneapolis Residents May Receive A Direct Stimulus Check Worth $500 Within Eight Days 

stimulus check
stimulus check

The state of Minneapolis will be providing residents with Stimulus checks amounting to $500 within eight days under an assured income scheme. About 200 families are eligible to receive the stimulus check chosen by a monetary scheme, or, the Minneapolis Guaranteed Basic Income Program, which was initiated back in June of 2022. As announced on Minneapolis city’s website, the program will be carried on with cash handouts till 2024 June.

Claimants of this stimulus check must fulfill the necessary criteria. To be considered deserving of this scheme, one must have to be at least 18 years of age and apply by January 1, 2022. The claimant’s earnings per annum must be below or at 50% of the state’s per capita income.

The deserving resident must also reside in Minneapolis’s specified ZIP codes in accordance with the program. The program has chosen applicants whose mode of earnings was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and might have lost their jobs, or child care, or facing hardship in meeting up with higher medical expenses.

Minneapolis Stimulus Check Is Focusing On Women 

The stimulus check under the program in Minneapolis is aimed at providing for women. Of the total program, 69% constitutes women, 42% of whom are of the ages ranging from 30 to 39. The program also robustly provides for people of color, while non-Hispanics and whites constitute 19.5% of this stimulus program. 

As commented by Jeremy Lundborg, project manager of the Minneapolis Guaranteed Basic Income Pilot, in the Washington Examiner, the Minneapolis Federal Reserve is assessing the program. All chosen residents will be receiving a $500 stimulus check every month, and payments will be processed every month within the 20th.