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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Proud Mother Michelle Obama Talks About Her Daughters

The mother of two and former president Barack Obama’s wife Michelle Obama was recently invited to Hoda and Jenna’s talk show. She shared some of her life stories and they chitchatted about how it’s been since she became the first and life after the white house.

Michelle Obama’s Concerns Were Like Any Mother

As a Mother Michelle Obama’s concerns were nothing different than those of any mother in this world. She was a first lady and a mother of two. All she was concerned about was her daughter was correctly raised, not privileged brats. She did her best to keep everything low-key and grounded as much as possible. Michelle claimed herself after Barack Obama’s win as ‘mom-in-chief’ when she asked about her agenda. She needed to be a full-time mom no matter what, and she always looked for things she could control, and didn’t worry about the rest. Michelle learned this tactic of being the mother to their children from Toni Morrison.

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The Obama kids were never each other first choice, like any other sibling they hated each other. As time passed they grew up Sasha and Malia Obama are now living under the same roof, once they couldn’t stand each other. To Michelle’s surprise, they now have coasters for drinks and the cocktails they made for her. The cocktails were not great, as per Michelle they were ‘weak martinis’.

The mother of two finds it very difficult to digest that they are using coasters for their drinks, how’s that even possible, they never used coasters in Michelle’s house. When it’s their house they are concerned about it. Sasha and Malia are living together in California. Michelle always told them how special they were, and in the end, they will have and need each other no matter what. what they have is very unique and special, and cannot be shared with just anybody. Michelle Obama’s new book is coming ‘the Light We Carry’ can be used as an emotional tool, this Michelle Obama’s toolbox.

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