Mutant Ape Planet Creator Arrested For Alleged Fraud

Mutant Ape Planet

The Mutant Ape Planet creator have been arrested recently. Apparently the developer of the space has a connection with a 2.9mil USD worth crypto fraud.

Mutant Ape Planet creator rip-off line, has been detained in Nyc and accused of running a “rug pull scam” to swindle investors out of $2.9 mil.

Ivan J. Arvelo, a national security officer, made the arrest on January 4 in John F. Kennedy Airport in Nyc. He said that French citizen Aurelien Michel “fomented a rug pulling scheme” and plundered “almost $3 mil from customers for himself.

According to IRS agent Thomas Fattorusso, the developer of the crypto space misled investors by claiming falsehoods, among many other matters, giveaways, cryptocurrencies with stake features, and goods collections,” according to a news statement from the Justice Department. However, the announcement states that when the NFTs were all sold, Michel took the money.

Mutant Ape Planet Developer Arrester For Fraud:

In a social networking discussion, Michel allegedly revealed to the neighborhood that he’d pulled a rug, adding, they never planned to rug however the neighborhood went much beyond toxic.

The 6.8K NFTs inside the collections, which is a rip-off of the well-known Mutant Ape Planet Club NFT collection, are kept on the ETH blockchain. The series has sold 567 Ethereum in total, however since its inception in Jan 2022, both the average cost and sales quantity have plummeted.

Owners of the collections have been telling their point of view since the arrest through Twitter, pointing out that James had tried to lay the responsibility for his absence on the society, who had grown suspicious because of the lack in activity.

Since then, the initiative has been seized by the public, which is working to give it new life under the leadership of a user going by the screen name HTMadge.