Noah Schnapp Comes Out As Gay As He Turns Eighteen

Noah Schnapp

Noah Schnapp, the stranger things star has come out as gay. The eighteen years old star shared a TikTok clip where he revealed he is gay to his 31.4mil followers. He in that video claimed that his friends and family already knew about his sexual orientation when he finally gathered up the courage to tell them.

On the top of the clip he wrote that when he finally told his family and friends that he was gay, even though he was scared and stayed in the closet for eighteen years, his friends said that they already knew.

The University of Pennsylvania student was seen on camera for eight seconds mouthing these words, “You realize what never was? That grave. Never was it so severe. In all honesty, it won’t ever be so serious.

The actor said that he guess he is more similar to Will than he thought. Noah Schnapp also plays the character of Will Byers in Stranger Things.

Noah Schnapp Comes Out As Gay:

The kid acknowledged in Jul 2022 that Noah’s character was homosexual and also that he did love Mike, confirming earlier viewer speculation he was a part of the Queer community.

Noah Schnapp’s TikTok clip gained many praise in the comment section where many fans said that they are proud of him. A lot of them congratulated and said they are happy for the star.

A fan wrote nicely that everyone should appreciate that Noah came out in front of the world and they realized how much courage it asks for when one is already a celeb and an icon.

A few fans also showed how they admire the star of the Netflix show saying that they will gather the courage someday as well.