NASDAQ:AVRO Should be Expecting Around $0.80 EPS For this Quarter


Most of the analysts covering NASDAQ:AVRO are of the opinion that it would be having around $0.80 EPS for this current fiscal quarter. According to reports from Zacks Investment Research, none of the analysts have provided any estimate on the earning of NASDAQ:AVRO. The highest EPS that has been estimated is $0.76, with the lowest coming in at $0.87. NASDAQ:AVRO also reported an EPS of $0.57 last year- for the same quarter- something that has indicated a year-over-year growth rate which is quite negative at 40.4%. This company will be announcing the next report on its earnings on the 5th of November. 

The Quarterly Earnings of NASDAQ:AVRO

According to the Investment Research report by Zacks, most of the analysts are expecting NASDAQ:AVRO to report an annual EPS of $3.24 for this year, with the EPS estimates fluctuating from $3.41, to $3.09. As far as the next financial year is commented upon, a few analysts have anticipated that this business is going to start reporting in EPS of $3.13, with several estimates ranging all the way from $3.64 to $2.61. The average EPS of Zacks Investment Research is simply a mean average that is based on a detailed survey by analysts that are covering the company. The company previously produced the results of its earnings on the 6th of August. The EPS for that quarter was $0.80, which misses the estimate that was placed via consensus- $0.76. 

Several analysts have brought out reports that talk about the shares of NASDAQ:AVRO. Zacks Investment Research have been quite preemptive in their downgrading of the shares of this company from ‘hold’ to ‘sell’- in one of the October reports. BidaskClub, too, downgraded the shares of this firm from a ‘hold’ to a ‘sell’. Mizuho went ahead with its ‘buy’ rating- with a price objective of $35 for the shares of NASDAQ:AVRO in one of their research reports. Wedbush also stuck to its ‘outperform’ rating, with a price target of $36 on the shares of this firm. Morgan Stanley decided to reduce the price objective, bringing it down from $37 to $35, with an ‘overweight’ rating that was attached to a research note. Two research analysts of equities have rated the stocks of this firm with a ‘sell’; one of them has assigned a ‘hold’, while seven of them have decided to buy the company’s stocks. The average price of the stocks is $29.67, and the consensus rating has been ‘buy’.


NASDAQ:AVRO is a gene therapy company at the clinical-stages- that focuses on the development of ex vivo lentiviral-based therapies. These are then used in the treatment of rare diseases- after a single dose is administered in the United States of America. 

The gene therapies of NASDAQ:AVRO usually employ stem cells which are hematopoietic which are usually collected from patients and transformed using a lentiviral vector- that can then be used for the insertion of functional copies of the genes.