NYSE: BC Earns An Average “Buy” Rating From Stock Market Brokerages


Brunswick Co (NYSE: BC) earned an average recommendation of “buy” rating from five stock market analysts. Out of the seventeen, five issues a rating of “hold” and eleven stock market analysts issued a “buy” rating. The company’s average one-year objective price stands at $63.08. 

How Did The Stock Market Brokerages React To NYSE: BC “Buy” Rating?

ValuEngine updates its Brunswick Co position to a rating of “hold” from a rating of “sell” on 11th September during the Friday report. Raymond James issued a “buy” rating on 10th September during a Thursday report. CL King increased its NYSE: BC shares to $79.00 from $52.00. They also issued Brunswick Co a “buy” rating on 6th July during a Monday report. 

Zachs Investment Research also increased its NYSE: BC shares to a “buy” rating from a rating of “hold”. They also set their objective price to $71.00 during a Friday report. Last but not the least, B. Riley issuers Brunswick Co shares an objective price of $88.00 and announced a “buy” rating on 31st July during a Friday report. 

On Friday, Brunswick Co started its shares at $62.87. The firm’s fifty days moving average and two-hundred days moving average are $61.09 and $55.73 respectively. NYSE: BC twelve months low and twelve months high are $25.22 and $73.99 respectively. The firm’s debt to equity ratio, current ratio, and quick ratio stands at 0.79, 1.63, and 0.98 respectively. 

Brunswick Co (NYSE: BC) currently has a P/E ratio and a beta of -251.48 and 2.02. The firm’s market cap stands at $4.98 billion. 

Which Institutional Investors Increased Or Decreased Their Brunswick Co Stakes?

Private Advisor Group LLC recently purchased NYSE: BC holdings estimated at $46,000. For the second quarter, CSat Investment Advisory LP increased Brunswick Co holdings by 659.2 percent. They currently own an estimate of $50,000, which comes from 781 company shares. Cerebellum GO LLC also acquired Brunswick Co position worth $128,000. 

Similarly, Quantum Capital Management increased its NYSE: BC holdings by 659.2 percent. They currently own an estimate of $99,000, which comes from 2.809 company shares. Last but not the least, Thomas White International Ltd acquired Brunswick Co position worth $200,000. 

The last time Brunswick Co announced its earnings for the quarter was on 30th July during a Thursday report. As per reports, the firm’s earnings stand at $0.99 per share. Thomas Reuter predicted that the company will bring in $0.45 EPS. The stock market analysts had also predicted that the firm will bring in $801.62 million as its quarterly revenue. 

Surpassing estimations, Brunswick Co (NYSE: BC) brought in $987.80 million quarterly revenue.