Nazanin Mandi Files For Divorce After 3 Years Of Marriage

Nazanin Mandi

Nazanin Mandi has effectively finalized her divorce from Miguel after three years of marriage.

On October 4, we learned that Nazanin had filed for divorce from her husband in California, claiming “irreconcilable differences” as the cause. In the paperwork, she also requested that the couple’s assets and properties be split by the terms of their prenuptial agreement.

Nazanin Mandi reminisced on her ten-year romance with the musician, who had been her love since high school, just after the couple married the marriage in November 2018.  

Nazanin Mandi And Miguel Were Married For 3 Years

“It took a long time, and a lot can change in a relationship with someone you have known since you were 18. A lot of progress has been made. We all went through a lot of hard patches in our twenties, but it was also the period when we were supposed to finally get our footing mentally.”

Nazanin Mandi captioned her Instagram image on September 25, “On a current journey of reflection and uncovering my purest self again.” “Who was I, and when did I feel most like myself? She has not come out yet. And doing better this time around thanks to having more life experience, clearer goals, and a more optimistic outlook. For whomever, you are, know that we have got this.”

Nearly four years later, just before their recent breakup, the model pondered the prospect of entering a new part of her life. Almost a year after they first announced their split, news of their latest breakup has finally surfaced. In September 2021, their representatives released a statement saying they were no longer an item but “wished each other well.”

But they patched things up early this year, with Nazanin sharing some images of the two of them on Instagram in February.

Unfortunately, E! News’s request for a response from Miguel’s representatives went unanswered.