Neal Mohan Takes Over As YouTube CEO: Signal Web3 And YouTube Are Coming Closer


Alphabet-owned YouTube, one of the fastest growing segments of the company of which Google is a part, has appointed a Web3-familiar CEO, Neal Nohan. It follows the exit of YouTube’s earliest employee, Susan Wojcicki.

Wojcicki stepped down as the CEO of YouTube on the sixteenth following close to a decade at the top of the company. She spoke of fresh plans for a fresh chapter that includes health, personal, and family projects.

At the time of her tenure, YouTube finally moved towards a revenue-sharing prototype, among a host of other innovations. Mohan, an Indian-American, replaces Susan Wojcicki as the new CEO and joins the list of global tech heads of Indian origin, including Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft Corporation.

Mohan had previously worked under Wojcicki at YouTube. With this elevation. Mohan joins the elite list of global tech heads of Indian origin who have also been familiar with the Web3 sector. Mohan was pivotal in the launch of some of the biggest products launched by YouTube, including its premium service, music segments, shorts, and YouTube TV.

The New YouTube CEO Could Give A Boost To Web3-Backed Content

In the Web3 sector, Mohan recently released fresh plans that included content tokenization through NFTs, a content experience based on Metaverse, while emphasizing that it, along with other Web3 experiences, could be instrumental in the creation of a pathway with a captive audience and also lead to the creation of additional streams of revenue. The new CEO has found that creators had the potential to tokenize photos, art, videos, and experiences citing examples.

In a February 2022 blog post, he spoke about the Web3 opening up fresh creative opportunities. He is a firm believer that emerging technologies, such as NFTs and blockchain, would let creators craft deeper relationships with fans. He believes that they would be capable of cooperating on fresh projects and earning in ways unheard of or not considered possible earlier. With Mohan now in the lead, the platform plans regarding Web3 could receive a boost now that he is at the helm.