Netizens Attack Matt Damon’s Fortune Favors The Brave Ad

matt damon
matt damon

Matt Damon came under fire from netizens for his ‘Fortune Favors the Brave’ commercial after he made a controversial decision last fall to turn into the face of

the flashy commercial directed by Wally Pfister, former cinematographer under Christopher Nolan, and starring Matt Damon, encouraged crypto investments. It reminded viewers that the brave are always rewarded.

And as the cryptocurrency market plunges to a 16-month low this week, people who lost money are now blaming one person for it, Matt Damon.

The advertisement begins with Matt Damon speaking of a world filled with ‘almosts’, with those who almost adventured, who almost achieved, but finally, the reality proved to be too daunting.

And then he spoke of the ‘others,’ those who embrace the moment and commit. The commercial pans to a mountaineer braving through a storm, climbing up a vertical incline, a plane similar to the one flown by the Wright brothers, and a group of astronauts, and finally shows Matt Damon hovering close to Mars.

Netizens Pan Matt Damon For Conning Them Into Investing

Matt Damon continues to say that it is during such moments of truth that such men and women, ‘mere mortals,’ who dare to peer over the edge, steel their edge, calm their minds, and rely on 4 simple words that have been whispered by the intrepid since Roman times. And then he utters the punch line, ‘Fortune favors the brave.’

The ad has received ridicule from people who have lost their money. And with the cryptocurrency market crashing spectacularly, netizens have been ridiculing the ad, and while most of it is in jest, some have even seriously blamed Matt Damon for leading them down a perilous path.

His detractors say that while Matt Damon would have surely been paid in good old dollars, they were conned into investing in the highly volatile world of cryptocurrencies.

One person commented that those who bought $1,000 worth of ETF when the ad premiered on October 28 would now be left with only $554. Other netizens commented that is what happens when someone takes financial advice from an actor.

It remains to be seen how many would have thanked him if things had gone the other way, something quite possible in this inconsistent world of cryptocurrencies.