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Chrishell Stause Addresses Her Sexuality On Social Media

Chrishell Stause divulged her sexuality on social media and talked about her rapport with G Flip, the Australian musician in an open Instagram post. The 40-year-old star of Selling Sunset said that she needed to reach out and inform any followers who were worried or confused after she talked about her relationship with Flip, who identifies herself as nonbinary or genderqueer.

Flip, 27, uses them or them to identify herself. Chrishell Stause said that while some people might find it difficult to identify with such a term or understand it even, for her, it is all about the individual and not their sexual identity.

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Stause said that while she remains attracted to the masculine aspect of energy, she is not particularly concerned about where a person’s physical form originates from.

Chrishell Stause elaborates on the gender and sexual identity of G Flip’s for her followers who would be unacquainted with the term non-binary.

Chrishell Stause Explained That Many People Identify On Both Sides Of The Gender Divide

Stause went on to explain that not all could be pigeonholed into either side of the gender divide. They consider themselves an amalgam, identifying on both sides as either male or female. And Chrishell Stause finds that beautiful. She says that was the reason that she connected so quickly with G Flip on so deep a level.

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The reality star and realtor confirmed that she was in a relationship with the Australian singer during the reunion episode in Season 5 of Selling Sunset, which aired on Friday.

The two first met when Chrishell Stause made an appearance in G Flip’s upcoming music video number, Get Me Outta Here.

There were several emotional moments when Chrishell Stause met Jason Oppenheimer, her ex-partner in the reunion episode. The couple broke up as Stause wanted to start a family, but Oppenheimer was not ready.

In a recent video on Instagram, Stause said that though their life goals did not align, they continue to love each other. His message was loved by many fans and also won over Oppenheimer and other fellow participants in the show. 

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