New Tax Refund Bill For The Georgia Residents Coming Up

Tax Refund
Tax Refund

Brian Kemp, the Georgian Governor signed a new bill into law that might send out tax refunds worth five hundred USD to their taxpayers of the last two years.

This bill was signed on 15th March and will only provide the refund to Georgian residents who filed their taxes in both the 2021 and 2022 tax years. The tax refund will be sent out from the billion-dollar budget surplus in the budget of the state. This department of revenue will start issuing these payments in the next few weeks. The taxpayers will file returns in the next few weeks and the taxpayers are asked to file their income tax return before getting the refund.

There Is a Tax Refund For The Maine Residents As Well:

Single tax filers and married couples are also eligible for a tax refund in Maine. Single tax filers will only get two-fifty dollars and the heads of household are going to get three-fifty dollars in tax refunds. The married couples will also receive five hundred dollars based on the liability of taxes. The tax filing before 18th April will be distributed by 1st July.

Brian Kemp in an interview said that while people in DC want to increase the taxes, they are trying to send some money back to their hardworking taxpayers of the state. He said that last year also they distributed a billion dollars to their taxpayers and they are proud for doing this again.

Brian Kemp thanked the general assembly for their support that helped Georgia families with economic aid in this hyperinflation in the market. When the Department of Revenue is ready to start issuing payments, it will bring the check of the taxpayers to check the status of the refund.