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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Newspaper Ads Used By Facebook To Criticize New Policy of Apple

Facebook has been a public critic of the new privacy change taking place in Apple’s iOS, and they have done it through full-page ads in the newspaper. The headline from the New York Times mentioned how Facebook was squaring up to Apple on behalf of small businesses at every location. According to Bloomberg News, this outrage from Facebook is a result of a privacy change in Apple’s iOS that will make it difficult for social media platforms to target Apple users through ads. 

What Does Apple’s New Policy Mean For Ad Networks on Facebook?

Soon, developers will have to start asking for permission from iOS 14 so that they can start collecting data- whilst tracking them on different channels. Interestingly, Apple had decided to bring in this feature when they had launched the iOS 14, but they have since then decided to put it next year. And it goes without saying that such a move will definitely harm the ad business of Facebook. For, most of the end-users will probably just cancel out their tracking prompts. 

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Facebook has been claiming that the changes made by Apple are going to ruin local businesses- ones that have been depending on the ad network to create sales. The newspaper ads that Facebook has placed already link it to its site where small businesses can voice their opinion about these changes. 

Although Apple hasn’t publicly responded to the allegations made by Facebook, they did have something to say the previous time such claims were brought up. The tech giant had previously accused the social media giant of completely disregarding every tenet of user privacy. And now, Apple is pretty determined to bring in the privacy policies- one that will allow users to choose what they want to see- and select which app they want to be tracked with. 


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