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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Stimulus Check to Be Seen as Part of a New $900 Billion Covid Bill

Most of the Congressional leaders have finally given out some good news to the American public- as they seem close to finalizing a new stimulus check. It is being proposed that the new covid relief bill will contain a stimulus check- which ought to be passed by both the houses in the coming days.

The New Proposal For the Stimulus Check

This deal will consist of a stimulus check, but neither the Democrats nor the Republicans seem to be the victor throughout. The covid relief bill won’t have money allotted for the state and local aid which the Democrats were seeking- nor will it have the lawsuit protections which the Republicans were fighting for. The source that produced the details also mentioned that till now nothing seemed to be finalized- but things seemed to be heading in that direction. Another source close to the stimulus check talks spoke about how they were closing in on another proposal that would see heightened unemployment insurance benefits. 

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Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader announced on Wednesday morning that all the leaders at Capitol Hill were making major progress. They would soon be legislating a pandemic relief package that would be airtight. Also, they were hoping that it would pass by both houses- with bipartisan majorities. It only needs to be seen how much could they allot for the stimulus check. 

While McConnell didn’t announce the nifty details of this proposal, he did speak about how there could be certain aspects that get more priority. They would surely be focusing on the money needed for the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine, and they would also have to update the Paycheck Protection Program- one that would lead to the stimulus check. 


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