Stimulus Check 2: Where Does the Payment Stand Now?

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Legislators have been working throughout the night in order to come out with a Stimulus Check 2 which would have something for the citizens. And the hurry is imminent for the Senate and Congress would soon adjourn for the winter holidays. The only point of contention that seems to exist in this coronavirus relief package is if the Stimulus Check 2 would actually have any form of direct payment. And let’s be honest, for the financially hit American citizens, direct payment seems to be the need of the hour. 

The bipartisan proposal of $908 billion would definitely leave out the Stimulus Check 2- for it would rather focus on providing unemployed workers $300 in their unemployment aid. Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury Secretary, mentioned on Tuesday that they had also spoken about a $916 billion package. This was supposed to provide around $600 per person as stimulus payment. But this had a drawback- it would be cutting down on unemployment aid. 

Should the New Coronavirus Relief Package Contain the Stimulus Check 2?

There have been a few Senators who have insisted upon a stimulus check 2 for any coronavirus relief package. For example, Bernie Sanders, the Senator from Vermont has been steadfast in his demand for a $1200 payment that would be provided to the low-and the middle- income Americans. Interestingly, this was the same amount that was provided to the Americans under the CARES Act. 

Sanders had the Senate floor on the 10th of December, where he spoke about how he was astonished at the way the Government was dealing with the pandemic- especially at a point where the situation was worse. He reinforced the idea that a stimulus check 2 was extremely necessary. Every single working family in the county needed to receive a direct payment of $1200.