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Nikita Mazepin Has Found Himself In A Lurch With His Instagram Groping Video

Unsurprisingly, the actions of Nikita Mazepin, an upcoming F1 driver for Haas have not been seen favorably by the Formula 1 team. Haas F1, for which Mazepin is supposed to start, has already condemned his Instagram video where he is seen to be groping another individual. While the team had announced the inclusion of Mazepin into their core team for F1, his position could be in hot water, following the incident.

The video in question? It showed Mazepin sitting in the passenger seat in his car- before the camera zooms into the back seat. Here, Mazepin reaches out and gropes the woman in the back of the car on her chest. Needless to say, the incident has been condemned widely. Although it did spread like wildfire throughout social media, it was soon taken down. 

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The Formula 1 team was quick to issue a statement where they were strictly condemning the actions. The statement read that the team would never condone the action of Nikita Mazepin. Also, the very publicity of the action was too abhorrent for the team. And since they would be dealing with it internally- no further comment would be cited. 

The Twist in the Nikita Mazepin Story

But, a certain twist has come into the story. The woman whom Nikita Mazepin had allegedly ‘groped’ came out in defense of the driver. She spoke about how they were extremely good friends for quite some time and were simply joking with each other. She never really meant for Mazepin to get into trouble over this- as she knew him to be a very good person. 

After Haas F1 came out with a statement, Nikita Mazepin came out with a statement himself- he apologized to his followers for his actions. He also went on to say that as a Formula One driver, he should have been more careful about his actions. 

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Currently, both Haas F1 and the FIA are looking into the Nikita Mazepin incident. 

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