Nick Thompson Reacted To Ex-Wife’s Allegations

NIck Thompson

Nick Thompson reacted after long to his wife’s allegations made against him. It was Danielle Ruhl who filed for divorce from Nick Thompson, not the other way around. Nick claims Danielle is making false allegations about him.

Nick Thompson Is Hurt With All The False Allegations

Love is blind couples are getting a divorce. They tied the knot at the show in season 2, but things started taking an ugly turn after that, everything seemed pretty pink at the beginning but now they are grey.

Danielle Ruhl claimed her husband was ‘controlling’, and was taking  ‘no accountability for the demise of their marriage. She called out Nick on a recent post saying she no longer will be controlled, but she deleted that post and again made an allegation of her ex taking ‘extreme measures’ to take her down. She further claimed that Nick and his team threatened Danielle.

In response, Nick Thompson said how his ex-wife’s claims were ‘untrue’ and lacked clarity. He was hurt that his ex-wife decided to comment on such, and blame him. However, Nick has commented on how he didn’t engage in communication with Danielle, he knew beforehand that it was not going to provide him with a positive outcome. He further slammed Danielle for disclosing personal matters and defaming him and made his point clear that he is unlike her. And he is moving forward.

When Danielle is asked about the divorce she claimed Nick Thompson didn’t take any type of accountability All he did was blame her and he did that throughout their relationship. They even went to therapy to save their marriage but in vain. Nick Thompson shared how disappointed he was with everything and in return, he didn’t receive the partnership he deserved.